Robbie & Nikki| Sticky Situation | Weston, MO Maternity Photography

I’m always nervous when meeting first time clients, and when I met Robbie and Nikki there was no exception. The session was going wonderfully and we were getting lots of cute images. They changed into their second outfit, and I suggested we walk up to do some poses in the tall grass. Great idea, right? I thought so!

I instructed them into a small clearing, and then backed up to frame the shot. As I was adjusting my camera settings I noticed both of them were frantically wiping at their jeans. It was then that I looked down and noticed that I was covered in “stick tights” from my waist to my toes! As were they! If you have never ran into these little things count yourself lucky! They do not just “wipe off” hence the nickname “stick tights.”

I suggested we go ahead and finish that location and pose, and then we spent the next 15-20+ minutes picking them off. I wasn’t worried about me, so I helped poor Nikki, who I’m sure wasn’t expecting to get that up close and personal! Needless to say, I was mortified and felt terrible! Here I am, just meeting this couple, and I stick them in a bazillion stick tights. It was a little hard to laugh then, but I hope you enjoy a little chuckle at our misfortune. And, in the future, I will be sure to look for these BEFORE sending clients into the weeds!

Thank you Robbie & Nikki for choosing me to document your pregnancy (and for being good sports about the mess)! I can’t wait to meet your little one!


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Miss Ava

I met this family 2 years ago when I had the pleasure of photographing big sister’s first year. I can’t wait to watch little Ava grow over the next year.

Winter Mini Session and Studio Psalms Fundraiser

Includes a 10-15 minute session, 1 background with the gorgeous lights and a few vintage holiday props to use. A la carte prints are also available.The Mini Sessions are open to all! (Please inquire for families or groups of children larger than 5).
Packages: Packages will be one pose chosen by the photographer. Tax is included in the package price.A) $35: Includes 2: 5x7s & 8 WalletsB) $55: Includes 1: 8×10, 2: 5x7s & 8 WalletsC) $80: Includes 1: 8×10, 2: 5x7s, 2: 4×6 & 16 WalletsD) $70: Digital Image on Disc (up to 3)____________________________________________________
Appointment Times:

09:00- Swords Family 4
09:15- Lydia and Piper
09:45- Taylor 2
10:00- Furr 6
11:00- Crawford 3
11:15- Wilhoit 4
11:30- Gunza- 5
11:45- Peabody- 3
12:00-Stockman 4
12:45- Brown 7
01:00- Kirschner 3
01:15- King 3
01:30- Evans 2
02:00- Tessi 2
02:15- Slibowsky 2
02:45- Woods- 5
03:00- Malhiwsky
03:30- Wright- 2
03:45- Moran- 5
04:15- Limle- 4
04:30- Paluka- 3
04:45- Reents 4

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